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3rd Grader - AUBREY

After tutoring all summer and through the fall, Aubrey got on the HONOR ROLL for the FIRST TIME!! 

Our focus was reading and comprehension. In addition to grade improvements, Aubrey learned to read more efficiently, and expanded her vocabulary to read a broader variety of words

Grades & Effort Increased

November 2018



Sight Word Competition! (Kids Love A Good Competition)If he gets it right, it's his. Wrong, it's mine! 

January 2, 2019 He's the winner!

January 21, 2019 He's STILL the winner!




Week 1  April  2019 = 8/50

Week 2 April 2019 = 30/50

Week 3 May 2019 = 37/50



Week 1 Antoine brought his test to tutoring with a 8/50. We went over tips and short cuts and week 2 he got 30/50!! Mid-way through week 3, we did a practice test in tutoring and he scored a 37/50

9th Grader - JAVEN

1st test score - February 2017 = E

2nd test score - March 2017 = B-

3rd test score - April 2017 = A
Overall Grade D- to C-


7th Grader - John

1st test score - September 2017 = D

2nd test score - October 2017 = B-

3rd test score - November 2017 = A


1st Grader - PEyton

Grades & Effort Increased

Fall October 2017 =1's +2's

Winter March 2018 = 2's + 3's


Kindergartener - PEYsley

#9 is just one of many numbers that Peysley has learned to form correctly.


2nd Grader - Antoine

Antoine improved his sentence

legibility and now uses appropriate

capitalization, space between words,

and writes much more neatly.


Antoine began writing

sentences that were hard

to read


Peyton has had a very impressive semester. She has improved in every single subject as a first grader! In tutoring, she has mastered all of her sight words presented to her. When it comes to effort, Peyton pushes it to the limit and works very hard on her studies. Thank you Peyton, for being a star student!