Pre-K + Kindergarten Learning Material

All learning material is created and copyrighted by Stacy Lampkin. 
Assessments and select worksheets are FREE. 

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What your child should be able to do prior to entering Kindergarten:

  • Independently write his/her name

  • Identify all letters in his/her name

  • Identify numbers 1-10

  • Independently write numbers 1-10

  • Count objects from 1-10

  • Count to 20

  • Identify colors

  • Identify shapes

  • Recognize letters A-Z in the alphabet (lowercase and uppercase)

  • Recite letter sounds from A-Z 

*In Kindergarten, your child will begin to add and subtract. He/she should know what the numbers are to jump right into adding and subtracting. They will be learning to segment words and eventually read. He/she should know all letters and the sound it makes to successfully read and write words.