Stacy Lampkin

Young and Ambitious is the story of a group of teen’s trials and tribulations coming up in the city of Detroit, MI. They all lead different lives and fight separate demons, but have one thing in common: hunger for a better future. Different forces bring this group together while others threaten to tear them apart. Each will learn the old lesson of “united we stand, divided we fall”. 

Release Date:
February 17th, 2018

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Nala "Beloved; Gift"

Sheltered her whole life, Nala is Green to the ill ways of the sick individuals she encounters. After being stepped on for so long, she gets up swinging.. Knocking the dirt off her shoulders later. Young, Beautiful and Innocent ...but only for so long. 

Cadence "Rhythm; Flow"

Quick witted with a tongue that's razor sharp, she could care less who gets cut. And we all know loose lips sink ships right? Well, eventually Cadence's hot mouth sets her world ablaze when she unravels a web of family secrets.

Ebony "Black"

Forced to wear her big girl pants at an early age, Ebony is much more mature than those around her. With her head on straight, she knows exactly where she’s going: to the top!. That is until she falls for the wrong person and lands flat on her face.

Sasha "Defender"

Envied by many. yet loved by plenty- Sasha was second to none. She knew she was all that and dared a soul to forget it! What she doesn’t know when enough is enough, or when love ain't really love. What will finally be her eye opener? 


Hood Prince Charming. Ladies love Lance; and he loves them back. ALL of them! Taking 'How to be a player' to another level, he constantly puts loyalty to the test. He won’t know how hard Karma swings until she hits him. 


Growing up without his birth parents had Trevor convinced that he had never known love. Despite the lack of reciprocation, he still had a huge heart. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be apart of the streets and show love: having a soft spot only puts you in a hard place.


Another hood teen with hoop dreams? Nah, Keyon was a high school superstar. When it came to the game, he never took a L. But off the court, he was taking losses left and right. Will he stick to the narrow path to a bright future or steer toward the allure of the streets?


Strong, Educated and Black. The kind ‘they” tend to fear. He’s the only young man around the way who knows the importance of starting businesses, building wealth, and community organization. Still, that fire from your passion can prove to be deadly.