Stacy Lampkin

Author. private tutor/Educator. ENTREPRENEUR.


Just one day shy of the end of June, Stacy Lampkin was born on June 29, 1993 in Detroit, MI. She spent the bulk of her childhood in Hamtramck, MI. Since a child, Stacy has been an avid reader, falling in love with series such as R.L. Stine and The Babysitters Club. Her first taste of urban fiction novels began with True To The Game, Flyy Girl, and The Coldest Winter Ever. Eventually, she developed a love for writing her own books, keeping several journals and developing her own fiction stories. By the time she finished high school, she'd written 11 stories and dreamed of becoming an author.

Meet Stacy 


Stacy has always been a huge fan of school, receiving many awards and consistently being on the honor roll from elementary through college. She attended Hamtramck Public Schools from pre-school to middle school. She loved the diversity of the community and the longtime friends she made there. For high-school, she attended Ferndale High School. In 2011, she graduated at the top of her class and went on to attend the University of Michigan for college. Four years later, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. 


Currently, Stacy Lampkin is a self-published author, private tutor, and entrepreneur. Her love for education and psychology emerged as a private tutoring service that focuses on psychological principles. Stacy has helped over 20 private students improve academically, and personally. Her new book, How To Educate Your Child At Home, teaches parents how to understand their children's learning capabilities and become facilitators of education at home. For educational resources, you can go to In addition to educating youth, Stacy is focused on writing novels that motivate and educate teens and young adults through relatable stories. Her new journal line aims to help women re-align with their purpose and passions in life. Ultimately, Stacy seeks to help women, teens, and children not only develop positive and confident mindsets, but to also become self-sufficient. As she continues to develop her business ventures, she plans to help hundreds of women, teens, and children along the way.

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