CURRENTLY After college, Stacy did what most college graduates do: seek employment, and work. Soon, she realized that she could not ignore her passions and calling. She set out to leave the corporate world and become economically independent. A year after graduating, Stacy created an organization for youth in Detroit. She has been working on expanding and becoming a beneficial fixture for the community. Shortly after, Stacy took her five years of tutoring experience and became a private tutor. While working full time, operating a community organization and working part time as a self-employed private tutor, Stacy finished her first novel "Young and Ambitious" which she began writing her senior year in college. In addition, Stacy is an aspiring entrepreneur (outside of tutoring) and plans to start up a product based business. She also has a blog where she touches on personal, as well as entertaining topics. 

Meet Stacy

CHILDHOOD Just one day shy of the end of June, Stacy Lampkin was born on June 29, 1993 in Detroit, MI. She spent the bulk of her childhood in Hamtramck, MI. As a kid, she enjoyed playing with barbies, watching classic television shows such as The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince, and reading whatever book she could get her hands on. Eventually, she developed a love for writing, keeping several journals and writing her own fiction stories. When her head was not in the books, she found fun in bike riding, making mud pies, and other 90's childhood activities with her neighborhood friends. Her grandmother nicknamed her "Caretaker" because of her natural instinct to protect and care for those around her. 

EDUCATION   Stacy has always been a huge fan of school, receiving many awards and consistently being on the honor roll from elementary through college. She attended Hamtramck Public Schools from pre-school to middle school. She loved the diversity of the community and the longtime friends she made there. For high-school, she attended Ferndale High School. In 2011, she graduated at the top of her class and went on to attend the University of Michigan for college. Four years later, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. 

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